Q: Do I need to reinforce the fin box on my windsurf board?

Manufacturers are now making dedicated boards for foiling now. These will have reinforced boxes designed to handle the loads from the foils. If you have an older board we strongly suggest to reinforce the fin box. This can be done by adding layers of carbon reinforcement on the bottom and on the deck of your board. Nearly all the load is at the front of the fin box, so reinforcing this area will help prevent your board from breaking of the fin box from pushing into the board.

Q: Do you have a learning foil ?

We tried to build learning wings that were slow and stable, however found that our race wings were just as easy to learn on. While there is a lot of debate out there, strong and stable foils seem to provide both ease of learning as well as predictable control and high performance. This technology is new enough that most of our riders have learned foiling on F4.

Q: How do I order from F4 ?

F4 is currently building foils to order with availability at 3-5 weeks. To confirm your order, please let us know via email. We try to respond quickly, however very busy so please ping us if you don’t hear back in a day or so. Once your foil is completed, we will send the final invoice and ship via DHL if international or domestic services if in North America.

Q: What type of mounting does F4 use?

F4 windsurf and kite foils use standard deep tuttle boxes. The tuttle box system is the closest to a world wide standard in the industry. For surf foils, we are providing a mounting system that enables interchangeable plate and tuttle to be used.

Q: Is a normal windsurf board faster?

Hydrofoils are relatively new for windsurf boards and are evolving rapidly. Foils are faster already in some conditions and are keeping up with formula boards around the race course. Sometimes foils are faster, especially in light wind and downwind. Certainly, the foils provide a uniquely smooth ride and awesome sensation!