Kite Hydrofoils


Product Description

F4’s mision is to deliver the best performing and most reliable¬†hydrofoils available. ¬† F4 carbon prepreg hydrofoils represent the state of the art in construction and design for kitefoil freeride and racing. The F4 foils are the result of the collective input of the F4 Team and some of the worlds leading designers. F4 relies on an extensive network of riders, designers and testers to ensure that our foils have seen a variety of conditions and riders at all skill levels. All the input is put back into the design process to help create the best possible product.

The F4 v3 Foil Features –

– 98cm mast

– Co-molded Tuttle base

– 62cm front wing

– 36cm rear wing

– 100% carbon prepreg

– High temperature high pressure construction