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After designing surf foils for several other brands F4 has put all that experience into this new design. The front wing is 78cm and enables early lift off, but fast and stable. The rear stabilizer is thin an optimized for pumping. The entire foil, aluminum or carbon, is super stiff, fast and stable. After testing many different wing combinations, we’ve settled on this specific wing for small to medium sized surf and for medium to large sized riders.

Product Description

F4 has been working on developing low speed wings and foils for Surf and Downwind stand up paddling. We have applied similar concepts used on our kite and windsurf foils to deliver the next generation of hydrofoils for surfing. Theses foils uniquely combine early lift off, turning, and forgiving breach response. We developed a series of thicker and thinner wing profiles to achieve a balance of speed and turning. This has resulted in a range of foils for ripping tiny waves as well as charging 20+ surf. We designed the foils for excellent control across the speed range. The last thing you want is for your foil to get wobbly at the upper end of the speed range when flying down a raging monster.


Surf Foils are available in two flavors –

  • Carbon – 70cm carbon prepress mast, carbon prepreg wings, aluminum fuselage and plate adapter
  • Aluminum – Aluminum 70cm mast, carbon prepress wings, aluminum fuselage and plate adapter

Dimensions –

  • Front wing – 1325 sq cm, 78cm span
  • Rear stabilizer – 330 sq cm, 40 cm span


1 review for Surf Foils

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been riding the first generation F4 surf foil and it’s been amazing. I’m ready for this beauty for sure. Please LMK when they are available.
    I’ve also had great success windfoiling it too. Very versatile wing. Highly recommend it.

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