Windsurf Hydrofoils

Product Description

F4 is pleased to announce new foils for windsurfing based on new high modulus masts and aluminum fuselages. This modular system allows for both existing and new wings to be adapted to different geometry and spacings. Changing the fuselage length and front wing spacing can optimize upwind vs. downwind vs. reaching performance.

F4 Windsurf Hydrofoil Features –

– 100cm complete solid high modulus prepreg mast

  • 90cm fuselage for control downwind and reaching
  • 100cm fuselage for medium to high wind race performance
  • 120cm fuselage for max upwind and light air performance

– 80cm or 90cm front wing

– 38cm rear wing with interchangeable 3d angle of attack space

– Upgrades available for NP carbon foils or existing F4 foils – upgrade with new mast and fuselage!