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  • foil-cup-F4-foil-e1427300469972

    Kite Hydrofoils

    F4’s mision is to deliver the best performing and most reliable¬†hydrofoils available. ¬† F4 carbon prepreg hydrofoils represent the state
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    Windsurf Hydrofoils

    The F4 windsurf hydrofoil is based on a co-cured prepreg carbon mast, fuselage, and base. The wings are mounted using
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  • chris_slalom

    Slalom Windsurf Fins

    f4 manufactures custom slalom racing fins. These fins can be customized for length and flex. Contact F4 to find out
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  • GTE4

    Formula Windsurf Fins

    F4 manufactures custom fins for formula racing. These can be customized for length and stiffness. Please contact us regarding your
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